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Research buildings &

Each of the institutes and companies united in CNATM contributes specific expertise and equipment to the cluster. Our innovation network is thus built on a broad base of technological and methodological resources that is unparalleled in its density and diversity.

Establishing and use of technology platforms in the cluster are a central asset of CNATM. Two state-of-the-art on-topic research buildings are available for this purpose, among others:

  • The Institute of Chemical Epigenetics (ICEM) with a central electron microscope facility and a next-gen sequencing unit.
  • The Bavarian NMR Center (BNMRZ) with an extensive equipment park for the structural biological analysis of macromolecular RNA-protein complexes.

Further technology platforms are organized decentrally at the respective institutes and are available to researchers as part of innovation support measures. To increase the efficiency of these platforms, we want to create at least one new building as the cluster's technology center.

Institute of Chemical Epigenetics - ICEM on the Campus Großhadern/Martinsried

Bavarian NMR Centre (BNMRZ) on the Garching research campus


Innovation support measures

In particular, young researchers at the beginning of their careers need comprehensive support, ranging from a excellent research environment to individual career planning and support in founding startups. CNATM offers all this with the help of institutional measures already in place as well as several newly created set of measures, which are coordinated in a central joint project (VP4) of CNATM. 

Two elements of this collaborative project are: 

Transfer-Enabling Technologies

Here, expertise, resources and technologies are made available to bring developments quickly into application:

  • Imaging of nucleic acids: Tracking nucleic acid therapeutics in tissue to the target cell and also their binding to the target structure is difficult and can only recently be overcome with the help of lightsheet microscopy. Through CNATM, such a microscope has been installed and is now available to all members.
  • Synthesis of nucleic acids: Especially for the screening of variously synthesized nucleic acids or their preclinical validation in animal models, the effort for syntheses quickly reaches budget limits. CNATM facilitates access to the required product.
  • Sequencing and analytics of nucleic acids: Single cell sequencing (scRNA-Seq) in particular offers insights into gene regulation that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago. CNATM provides access to third generation sequencing and analytics, such as mass spectrometry.
  • Stem cells and organoids not only have the potential to replace animal models, but also offer the possibility to validate active substances against the background of the human genome or even to be implanted in patients themselves. CNATM members bring this expertise to the network.
  • Data management: the complex data sets from omics analyses are increasingly a challenge for researchers. CNATM supports the management of data and their networked bioinformatic analysis. 


Fast Transfer and Business Launch

Sub-projects with particularly fast and positive development should not be hindered by rigid time and budget frames, but should be able to take the next step quickly. CNATM provides access to the expertise of companies from the regulatory sector and can draw on existing accelerator/incubator programs.